Strong leaders make a real difference by inspiring others. They are the glue that holds a company together. The Corporate Executive Education program uses facilitated and experiential learning opportunities, including coaching, to enhance the management and leadership skills of new and experienced professionals. We create a supportive environment where executives can discuss ideas, problems and solutions. The program ensures that company leaders have the right skills and knowledge to establish strategic initiatives at critical transition points in their careers. Furthermore, conferences and training events provide opportunities for members to expand their professional networks and contacts.

aSSIST Campus

Management Performance Society (MPS)


Sales Leadership Program

A company's sales strategy plays a pivotal role in generating profits. Seoul Business School's top-ranked sales training for executives is based on our own proven philosophy and systematic practices for managing sales strategy. The program emphasizes the thorough analysis and first-hand exploration of new business cases at the leading edge of global business performance and innovation. It covers the topics listed to the right and more.

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  • strategic selling
  • big data leadership
  • artificial intelligence
  • sales coaching
  • key account management
  • international case studies
  • digital trends

Tailored to Your Company

The customizable curriculum can be designed around practical case analysis that is most relevant to your company's specific industry, sales method, management strategy, and marketing approach.

Action Driven

Knowledge acquisition is arranged around practical field experience, research into international benchmark companies, and application with guidance from industry experts.

Latest Trends

Individual Business Sales projects focus on discovering and applying new business growth engines that can be immediately implemented.


Business Executives

Sales Managers

Marketing Professionals

Growth Consultants

Executive Reading Group (MBS)

Tapping into Seoul Business School's unprecedented access to the most successful people in business, our authoritative yet conversational content will inspire you, guide you and support your business. MBS, the largest offline reading group for executives in Korea has been chosen by more than 7,000 executives over the past 23 years. The program brings perspective from diverse fields such as management, economy, society, culture, classics, and local themes to provide innovative business insights and inspiration. Authors or the selected books are invited to discuss their works and take questions.

4Ts Program

eThics, sTorytelling, Teamwork, and Technology

Culture and Arts Concerts

Enjoy performances of classical music, traditional arts, jazz, pansori, ballet, and more from renowned Korean and international artists.

Lectures by Leading Minds

In collaboration with the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), leaders and innovators in global marketing facilitate workshops on emerging trends and relevant technologies. 


In addition to gaining actionable knowledge, workshops and cultural events offer opportunities to make new connections with leadings executives from diverse fields.

Experience From the Field

The venue for workshops and events shifts between different environments that are the centers of creativity and business innovation in Korea so that learning, discussions, and exploration takes place in the context of change.

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