This is a defining moment in history and there’s never been a better time to work together toward creating positive change in the world. Emerging trends in business are forcing business administration programs in higher education to reimagine the future. Digital social media, data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are churning the business education landscape. This new fully online English-language program brings together leading innovative faculty from premier universities around the world to continuously reimagine education – to keep it relevant and always looking forward. The program offers a Global MBA degree that aim to give students a life-changing experience and deliver maximum value especially in the terms of global mobility, responsible leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity, and knowledge of big data, artificial intelligence and digital media. It prepares professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds for a variety of careers in the digital age.

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The Global Leaders curriculum focuses on creative business design and social innovation, while gaining language, intercultural communication and leadership skills. Master's students work with renowned faculty who are scholars, practitioners, and mentors. The methodological focus is on learning by doing, constant reflection and iteration, and collaboration. To fulfill the requirements for program, Masters students select and successfully complete one of the dual-degree programs in English (Aalto University, Stony Brook University or Franklin University) and the additional degree-specialization requirements listed below. Students will graduate with a Masters in Business Administration from Seoul Business School at aSSIST University and a second corresponding degree from one of our international partner universities.

Dual-degree Program: Select from Aalto University, Stony Brook University or Franklin University.
Design Thinking and Innovation: Learn new creative methods for questioning, prototyping, and iterating in order to solve the most complex business problems and create social impact.
Social Innovation Management: Combines leadership, innovation, design, digital transformation, and community building to help you develop a proactive growth mindset for creative social entrepreneurship.
Global Leadership: Skills for problem-defining and problem-solving in international and global contexts are explored and you will learn how leadership is practiced in different countries.
International Business Team Project: Students join a team to solve a live international business problem for which they will apply their knowledge to propose strategies to well-known corporate clients or new startups.
Note: One module is comprised of total 24 hours (1.5 credits per module). The requirements of each dual-degree programs will vary; please check the individual program specific pages for details.

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Three Universities, Three Programs

The Global Leaders program brings together an modern Masters in Business Administration with three other exceptional universities to create a transformative learning environment. It provides enterprising and socially-minded individuals the unique opportunity to select one of three prestigious partner universities to earn a dual-degree (see list below). Students enroll as cohort and study together. In addition, they participate in an intensive summer program at the home campus of their selected partner institution. The purpose of the study abroad time is immerse students in a new landscape and to develop and implement their tools in business projects in an unknown territory.

Aalto University Executive MBA
Stony Brook University Masters in Technological Management
Franklin University AI Big Data Masters
accelerated degrees

Fast-track Your Studies


cademically promising students may enrolled in the Fast-track to doctoral studies program and complete their doctorate degree in less time by taking advantage of this new path. The direct entry from the Master’s to the Doctorate degree allows a Seoul Business School graduate student to start Doctoral studies without having to complete a Master’s degree. With our Fast-track option, part of your Masters coursework counts towards your progression to a PhD degree and you can begin your thesis or dissertation research early to expedite your path through the program. This allows you to potentially shorten your studies by up to one year and pay less tuition.

You just need to submit a Fast-track application to the Doctoral program according to the aSSIST University’s procedures and deadlines and be accepted to the program (space is limited). Once you have competed courses for the Master's program, you will have up to 13 of those credits transferred to the Doctorate program. You are then considered a second year student in the doctoral program. During your remaining years in the program, you will fulfill the same requirements as Doctoral students. As a fast-track program participant, you must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher in your Masters-level studies. You must also provide strong evidence that you are capable of successfully completing appropriate research for the Doctoral level.

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Be Part of Something Big:
International Business Project

The Global Leaders program is has created a bold new vision of graduate business administration education that includes merging business leadership, design, systems engineering, information technology, and data science with the hands-on potential of digital learning in a global context. The students work with real world challenges not just theories and essays. Each cohort of students will work as a team throughout the program on an international real-life strategic, case study or other business project for a company in our global network. Students collaborate on problem solving, creating new solutions and applying digital technologies. They develop ideas, concepts and business plans for clients. They create prototypes, facilitate workshops and implement campaigns for actual projects and products. From this transformative experience student gain critical practical knowledge and skills.


The application period for studies beginning in the Fall, 2021 to the Global Leaders program is available until September 17, 2021. You are eligible to apply if you meet the criteria listed below. Start your electronic application by clicking the "apply online" button.


Bachelors Degree

Undergraduate (or expected graduate) degree from an accredited college or university.

3+ Years Work Experience

More than 3 years of work experience including at least 1 year of professional job experience.


  • Application Form
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Transcript
  • Certificate of Work Experience
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official English Proficiency Test Certificate (TOEIC score above 700)
  • Passport Size Photos
  • Copy of Passport
  • Document Submission Form


Application fee

~30,000 won (additional application fee may apply depending on dual-degree program selected)


~9 million won per semester (may vary depending on dual-degree program selected)

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Scholarships Overview

To provide international students with opportunities to conduct advanced studies in graduate programs at Seoul Business School, students can apply for the means-tested Global Leaders Scholarship Program. This means-tested scholarship awards is primarily based on a sliding household income scale, availability of funds, slots available, and number of eligible applicants. Applicants are required to submit supporting documents that verify their income and expenses. To find out if you are eligible for this program, please contact us for more details.

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