Business School Lausanne (BSL) acknowledges the significance of the entrepreneurial mindset in business education and is committed to providing relevant educational experiences in response to the evolving world. BSL empowers students to envision the future of business by looking beyond individual companies to consider the industry as a whole. It also supports business innovation while promoting academic research. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the program, going beyond success or innovation of a single company. It combines hands-on practically and focuses on research methodology needed to solve business problems, and helps develop the skills necessary to transform businesses through the application of research methodology. The program aims to support students in becoming experts in their respective fields.

Founded in 1987, the Business School Lausanne (BSL) is a prestigious European business school. In 1996, it became the first European business school to receive ACBSP certification. BSL ranked second in the 2019-2023 Global DBA Euro Rankings and was selected as one of the top three business schools in Switzerland in the 2017 QS Global 250 Business Schools. Doctor of Business Administration program at Business School Lausanne (BSL) has been working with aSSIST University since 2018, and students can earn a Doctor of Business Administration degree from BSL and Ph.D. degree from aSSIST University upon successful completion of the degree requirements.

Degree Overview

To meet the requirements for the doctoral degree of Business Administration at Business School Lausanne (BSL), you need to complete 36 credits. This includes 32 credits for major courses in Business Administration, research methodology, and overseas courses, and 4 credits for thesis guidance. This program has modular structure and follows a four-week learning cycle. The courses are mainly conducted in Korean, from 8:30am to 5:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Remarks : Required to complete a total of 36 credits.

1) Required Credits : 32 credits

  • Research Methodology : 22 credits
  • Major Courses in Business Administration : 12 credits
  • Dual Degree Program from overseas institutions
    : 4 credits

2) Required Credits : 4 credit

  • Research Credits (Group Seminar&Colloquium, dissertation guidance)
    : 6 credits

* Note: One module consists of a total of 15 hours (1 credit per module).
* Note: For students entering after the first semester of the 2022 academic year, it is required to complete 1 additional credit of general education course through MBS(Management Book Society) to obtain a doctoral degree at aSSIST. (Total of 37 credits, including 1 credit from MBS.)

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Course Content

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program at Business School Lausanne (BSL) is designed for individuals with business and leadership experience who aim to make significant contributions to improving and innovating in the field of management. Through critical understanding, review, challenge, and application of appropriate theory and research on professional practices in business management and administration, you will embark on a journey of on-site implementation for improvement. The program aims to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of future business management. You are expected to produce important doctoral level academic research that is relevant and applicable to the real world in the field of management and administration. The thesis, which is based on research carried out throughout the program, will be the primary work evaluated for the attainment of the doctoral degree. As the final step of the program, the completed thesis will be submitted to BSL’s faculty committee for evaluation.

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The doctoral program in Business Administration at Business School Lausanne (BSL) starts in March (spring semester) and September (fall semester) every year. Application deadlines are posted on the website about 5 months prior to the start of each semester. Applicants who meet the following criteria can apply by clicking the “Online Application” button.


Masters Degree

Applicants with a master’s degree from an accredited university (including expected graduates) or with equivalent academic qualifications.

5+ Years Work Experience

Applicants with more than 5 years of work experience.


  • aSSIST University Online Application
  • Document Submission Confirmation
  • Proof of Work Experience
  • Certificate of Work Experience
  • English Proficiency Test Certificate
  • Application for Admission to an overseas institution
  • Resume in English
  • Recommendation Letter in English
  • Official Diploma or Certificate of Graduation in English
  • Official Academic Transcript in English
  • Motivation Letter
  • Copy of Passport
  • Letter of Consent: Release of Information Form


Application Fee

80,000 won

Admission Fee

800,000 won

Tuition and Fees

Tuition: 14,250,000 won per semester

Other Expenses: 1,175,000 won per semester

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