Reconstructing how business is practiced by building strong, new carefully tested hypotheses through research in the field will be the very heart of business and global business transformation. Business School of Lausanne (BSL) has shaped the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program to look beyond the success or innovation of a specific company. The Doctoral program provides students with the opportunity to determine, through their Doctoral studies, how business should be framed in the future, considering an entire industry and not just a single company. Business School of Lausanne (BSL) is a prestigious European business school founded in 1987. It was the first European business school in Europe to receive ACBSP certification in 1996. Ranked second in the Global DBA Euro Rankings in 2019, BSL was selected as one of the top three business schools in Switzerland in the 2017 QS Global 250 Graduate School of Business Report. This Executive DBA program has been offered as a dual-degree program with BSL and Seoul Business School since 2018 with 5 graduates so far. It is completed in tandem with a PhD in Business Administration from aSSIST University.

Degree Overview

To fulfill the requirements for this PhD in Business Administration degree, participants must successfully complete studies worth 36 credits. Studies include 10 credits in research methods, 8 credits in a concentration area, 14 credits of electives, two published journal articles, comprehensive exam, thesis research project (4 credits), and written thesis and oral defense. The PhD can be completed in 3 years. The program has a modular structure and follows a four-week learning cycle. Courses are delivered  on Saturdays and Sundays, 8:30 am - 6:30 pm and there is a 100% English track offered.

Research Methods Core
Business Topics Core
Concentration (Choose One)
Research Colloquiums
Separate Thesis Defenses (PhD and DBA)
Note: One module is comprised of total 15 hours (1 credit per module). Elective courses are subject to change without notice.

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Thesis Defense in Switzerland

Research that starts in the field with results aimed at bettering the field

The BSL DBA program is intended for those with previous managerial and leadership experience who wish to make a significant contribution to enhancing and transforming the field of Business Administration. You will do this through a critical understanding, review, challenge and application of appropriate theories and research to the professional practice of business management and administration. All in an effort to create new and better solutions for the complexities that surround managing a business into the future. You will be expected to produce a significant Doctoral-level transdisciplinary study that advances research in the fields of business and management that is both relevant and can be applied in the real world. The DBA thesis, based on research that is carried out throughout the program, is the primary piece of work that will be assessed for the awarding of the DBA degree and you will present your completed dissertation to a committee of faculty at BSL as the final step of the program.

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The application period for studies beginning March 1st, 2021. Due date of the deadline for DBA dual-degree with the Business School of Lausanne is January 29. You are eligible to apply if you meet the criteria listed below. Start your electronic application by clicking the "apply online" button.


Masters Degree

Masters (or expected graduate) from an accredited college or university.

5+ Years Work Experience

More than 5 years of work experience including 3 years of professional job experience.


  • Application Form
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Transcript
  • Certificate of Work Experience
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official English Proficiency Test Certificate (TOEIC score above 700)
  • 2 Passport Size Photos
  • Copy of Passport
  • Document Submission Form


Application Fee

80,000 won

Enrollment Fee

800,000 won

Tuition and Fees

Tuition: 14,340,000 won per semester

Services Fee: 1,175,000 won per semester

Thesis Exam Fee

1,000,000 won

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