Established in 2004, aSSIST Universityholds the distinction of being South Korea's pioneering institution offeringmaster's and doctoral programs in business. Over the past two decades, ouruniversity has witnessed uninterrupted and rapid expansion. Notably, we haveforged collaborations with esteemed international universities such as AaltoUniversity in Finland, Franklin University Switzerland, Business SchoolLausanne in Switzerland, Birkbeck of University of London in the UnitedKingdom, as well as the State University of New York at Stony Brook in theUnited States, enabling us to provide dual degree opportunities. Moreover, ourrecent endeavor to establish the Graduate School of Advanced AI underscores ourcommitment to nurturing talent in the field of AI. aSSIST University hasconsistently embraced change, positioning itself as the first mover inidentifying and seizing novel avenues for development amid challengingcircumstances.

Contemporary discourse is rife withassertions proclaiming a state of crisis in the realm of higher education. Thecommonly cited "demographic cliff" as the cause of this predicamentis, however, inaccurate. While the number of individuals within school-agecohorts is dwindling, the need for and significance of pursuing education, evenin later stages of life, has escalated in tandem with extended human lifespans.In addition, mounting criticism asserts that university curricula are out ofsync with societal demands. Nevertheless, this predicament can be amelioratedthrough proactive adaptation of university programs to align with prevailingrealities.

In addressing these concerns with utmostefficacy, aSSIST University stands at the forefront. Distinguished as agraduate school with a master's and doctorate-centered orientation, westeadfastly emphasize lifelong education. Our distinguished faculty,exceptional students, dedicated staff, and dynamic programs equip us to remainat the vanguard of contemporary academic discourse. To delve into specifics,

First, aSSIST University prides itself ondelivering best lectures. While many universities rely solely on their in-houseprofessors, aSSIST University goes the extra mile by enlisting esteemed facultymembers from within South Korea and abroad whenever necessary.

Second, our student body exhibitsunparalleled motivation and a genuine thirst for knowledge. With their diversesocial backgrounds and experiences, our students possess a keen awareness ofthe importance of education and approach learning with utmost enthusiasm.Undoubtedly, our culture's emphasis on comprehensive education greatlycontributes to this remarkable student drive.

Third, the dedicated staff at aSSISTUniversity provides exemplary support and service. Our staff members fullyimmerse themselves in their respective courses, offering unwavering support toprofessors and engaging in meaningful post-class discussions with students toexplore avenues for improvement.

Fourth, aSSIST University's programs arestrategically designed to foster convergence, with particular emphasis on therapidly evolving field of AI. This integration of AI across various courses enablesus to offer an interdisciplinary curriculum that is highly responsive to thedemands of contemporary society.

As Confucius aptly stated over 2,500 yearsago, "At fifteen, I had my mind set on learning; at thirty, I stood firm;At forty, I had no more doubts." While this adage held true in the past,it no longer aligns with the realities of today. In the modern era, completingone's education in a mere fifteen years is an impractical notion, and even atthe age of forty, there remains an abundance of knowledge yet to be acquired.Therefore, the concept of lifelong learning has become paramount. aSSISTUniversity has successfully adapted to this evolving educational landscape,positioning itself as a frontrunner in this new paradigm and continuouslystriving to stay ahead.

President TaeHyun Kim

Dr. Hwy-Chang Moon

10th President of aSSIST University