Acclaimed as a "First Mover," Seoul Business School at aSSIST University was established in 2004 as Korea's very first graduate business school, with the specific purpose to deliver Master's and Doctoral programs. Based on our school's philosophy of the 4T's (eThics, Teamwork, Technology, and sTorytelling), our goal is to cultivate executives and professional managers capable of applying effective problem solving skills based on acquiring new knowledge in their field, developing ethical beliefs, caring about sustainable future and advancing forward thinking creative perspectives.

Today's higher education environment is undergoing rapid changes, and there is no doubt that business schools have entered an age of limitless competition and technological innovation. With this in mind, aSSIST University is expeditiously moving ahead by developing education programs that are future-ready highly adaptive to changes in society. In addition to world-class faculty, our programs go beyond the classroom to offer students access to our alumni network of more than 1,000 CEOs and global leaders,

With the business environment constantly evolving, the Seoul Business School stands as a First Mover offering new paradigms in business management, and will "aSSIST" all those who seek for professional talent capable of creating a sustainable future.

President TaeHyun Kim

Dr. TaeHyun Kim

7th President of aSSIST University